Introduction to Composition

To get the students to use basic information from scales to create chords and then a short composition utilizing the tonic and dominant chords derived from the scale.

Simple Composition Assignment for Band Students

1. Objective 1 – Students will be able to compose a piece for their instrument using the notes from their Eb concert scale and a given rhythm.
2. Objective 2 – Students will be able to record themselves playing their composition in Noteflight and reflect on their piece and performance.
3. Objective 3 – Students will reflect on their own compositions as well as the compositions of others.

12 Bar Blues Composition

Explain, identify and apply the 12-bar blues chord sequence. Create a melody that fits over the 12-bar blues chord sequence.

Compose a 12 Bar Blues

Using the C Blues Scale, create your own 12 Bar Blues Melody.

Diatonic Triads and Common Chord Progression in the Major Mode

Students notate the diatonic triads in a Major key of their choice, and then, referencing content on Common Chord Progression, students compose a brief chord progression in that key.

Trumpet Bb Scale Warm-Up

This is a good warm-up for trumpet players before you start playing. It gets your lips warmed up and also allows your brain to start working and counting when you first start playing in the day.

Trumpet Low Note Warm-Up

The Lesson Plan is a good warm-up for trumpet players. This exercise starts on a C and works its way down to a G which is good for warming up their lips.

Spain – Jazz Improvization Theory and Practice

Understand and demonstrate music improvisation in Lydian and Harmonic Minor.

Robert L Sax
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Trumpet Lip Bend Exercise

This is an exercise for trumpet players trying to fix the pitch of their playing. The point is to start the exercise playing a G and bend your pitch down and so on. So you play the first note of the slur, then bend it down, then back up.

Trumpet Articulation

This activity is a trumpet articulation worksheet. This activity works down from whole notes to sixteenth notes. Players should endeavor to play the notes with a good onset and correct duration.