My Original Composition

Objective 1: Students will be able to create an original composition in ABA form following the requirements of the form as explained in the project.
Objective 2: Students will learn to play their original song on either guitar or keyboard and have the opportunity to make any changes to their composition they feel necessary.
Objective 3 : Once students are ready, they will perform their original composition for the teacher and be scored on it based on the performance rubric we use on a regular basis.

Introduction to Composition

To get the students to use basic information from scales to create chords and then a short composition utilizing the tonic and dominant chords derived from the scale.

Compose an 8 measure melody

Students completing this worksheet will be able to compose an eight-measure long melody using the C major scale and prompts given in the worksheet.

Compose Arrange Record Lesson

Write a four-bar composition with proper harmonic, melodic, voice-leading considerations. Arrange it for instruments (including transpositions), perform it, and then sync the audio.

Ryan Sweer
AP Course
AP TheoryComposition
Harmonize Me

Harmonize a simple melody with dissonance and consonance.

Ding Dong, Diggy Diggy Dong

Review the melody of “Ding Dong, Diggy Diggy Dong” through singing or playing on barred instruments. Correct the mistakes (red notes) in the melody by moving the notes up or down on the staff.

“Write Your Own C Position Song” Keyboard Lesson

Students will be able to correctly perform treble clef C position notes, play simple rhythms and songs, and compose a simple melody using treble clef C position notes and basic rhythms on the keyboard.

Simple Melody Composition

Compose an original simple melody using repetition and step-wise motion.

8th Grade Theme and Variation Lesson

During this lesson you will be guided through three objectives. In the first objective, students will be able to play the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on piano. Students will then know what the form Theme and Variation is and how it works. Lastly, students will be able to create their own variation of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” using the form Theme and Variation.

Create and play your own composition

Using quarter and eighth notes, create a melody with fixed pitches then record yourself playing along.