ABA Composition

Students will write a melody in the Key of C Major, and compose a harmonic bass line to accompany the melody, while following the checklist listed below.

1.____ Melody uses Repetition, Sequence, or Inversion
2.____ Melody has ABA Form
3.____ Melody is in C Major
4.____ Composition is written in 4/4 time, 4 beats per measure
5.____ Bass notes support melody
6.____ Notation is written with correct stem up or stem down
7.____ Title for Composition
8.____ ABA Form are related in idea and sound
9.____ Composition sounds complete



Composition in ABA Form

Create an ABA composition including melody and provide accompaniments using Noteflight. Classmates can then provide useful feedback regarding their compositions.

Guitar Chords — Strumming

The objective of this lesson is to critically listen to a piece of music, analyze the chord progression, input it into Noteflight, and practice the chords in the song to record into Noteflight.

Balinese Baris Dance: Compose your own Gamelan!

Students will be able to perform, from memory, parts of the Balinese Baris Dance, discerning the differences in instruments from another foreign culture. Students will then be able to input notation on Noteflight Learn, save, and share their work. Lastly, students will compose their own 2-measure Gamelan piece inspired by the Baris Dance.

Know Your Place!

Practice and record note reading and note placement on the guitar.

Spain – Jazz Improvization Theory and Practice

Understand and demonstrate music improvisation in Lydian and Harmonic Minor.

Robert L Sax
Create #1Respond #5
Tritone Resolution in Major Key

Teach students to hear the dissonance of the tritone and how it should resolve in major keys.