Flash Score Editor No Longer Supported

We have finally come to the point we announced back in June: Noteflight is no longer supporting the Flash Editor. All the features in Flash have been available in our new HTML5 editor for a while now (see our User Guide), and we have been working to build exciting new features unique to HTML5. Some of these, like MIDI Transcription, Recording, and fine-tuned note size for better formatting have already been released and more are in the works for release very soon.

We deeply appreciate the feedback and suggestions we have received from users about the HTML5 editor over the past several months, and we are working all the time to make the new editor as simple, functional and fast as it can be.

We know that there are some issues remaining to be addressed in the HTML5 editor, particularly in performance on some mobile devices and older computers. While we work on the most important of these issues, we will continue to make Flash available for a limited period of time. This period cannot last indefinitely, as major browser vendors are planning to disable access to Flash technology, possibly even before we do. That is why we are moving ahead quickly with this transition.

What does it mean to say that we are ceasing to support Flash right now, if we are still making it available? It means that we need to focus all of our development efforts with the Score Editor on HTML5. Consequently, we can no longer fix bugs that pertain only to the Flash Editor, and we will not respond to changes by browser vendors that make Flash more difficult to access.

Again, we love the feedback we are receiving — please keep it coming. We hope that you, the users who make us who we are as a company, will continue to share your ideas, your passion for music, and your musical creations with us.