K-12 Exercise from MusicFirst #1

For the next installment in our ongoing series of K-12 exercises using Noteflight, we’ve asked our friends at MusicFirst to share one of the activities they have created using Noteflight’s activity template feature. This activity is one of over 50 stand-alone Noteflight Activities in the MusicFirst Online Classroom, alongside the hundreds of other Noteflight scores embedded into lessons on the site. Teachers around the world are interacting every day with their students through activities like this one.

When a Noteflight score is shared as an activity template (instructions here), the student simply clicks the link, and Noteflight automatically makes a copy of the original. The student can edit their copy freely, adding their answers, melodies, and so on. Meanwhile, the copy is linked to the original template: the teacher sees a list of the student copies next to the title of the template in their list of scores, and can easily access and edit them to add feedback on the student’s work.

MusicFirst has generously allowed us to offer this exercise to you for use with your students! Just copy this score to your Noteflight site or account: click the white box to view it in a full window, then in the File menu choose “Save a copy” and customize the exercise as you see fit. Open the Sharing tab to make it an Activity Template, and send the URL / web link to your students!

For more great exercises like this, please explore the rich teaching resources available at MusicFirst.