Diatonic Triads and Common Chord Progression in the Major Mode

Students notate the diatonic triads in a Major key of their choice, and then, referencing content on Common Chord Progression, students compose a brief chord progression in that key.

Adding a harmonic line

Creating a line in a musical score.

Solfege Labeling and Free Triad Harmonization

Students will be able to label all solfege tones in F major by single-letter abbreviations. Students will use movable do, as indicated in the annotation. Students will be able to identify octave sol leaps. Finally, students will create original triad harmonizations for the “coffee” round.

Bach to Basics – Sight-reading a Bach Chorale

Have 4 students sightread or prepare this Bach Chorale for performance in front of the class. If preferred, use Noteflight Premium or Noteflight Learn’s recording ability to have each student record their voice part directly into the score.

This is great for AP Theory or college level classes to reinforce sight-reading and to work on theoretical analysis. You can also create a two part exercise from this score where students initially complete Roman Numeral Analysis in the score, as well as analyze the dominant to tonic resolution voicing.