Trumpet Low Note Warm-Up

The Lesson Plan is a good warm-up for trumpet players. This exercise starts on a C and works its way down to a G which is good for warming up their lips.

Trumpet C Octave Jumps

This is a trumpet octave jump exercise. It starts on a low C and goes to a middle C. The rhythm also gets shorter to encourage players to jump octaves quicker.

Trumpet Lip Bend Exercise

This is an exercise for trumpet players trying to fix the pitch of their playing. The point is to start the exercise playing a G and bend your pitch down and so on. So you play the first note of the slur, then bend it down, then back up.

Trumpet Articulation

This activity is a trumpet articulation worksheet. This activity works down from whole notes to sixteenth notes. Players should endeavor to play the notes with a good onset and correct duration.

Trumpet Inverted Long Tones

This warm up consists of long tones that change by half steps. It starts by going down a half step, then up a half step and so on.

Trumpet High Note Exercise

This is an exercise for beginner to intermediate trumpet players to increase there range. This exercise starts at A and goes up to F. This exercise also allows trumpet players to go past what is shown. They could continue to use this pattern to increase their range.

Trumpet Chromatic Exercise

This lesson is for trumpet players trying to learn their chromatic scale. This scale pattern goes up in increments of six notes at a time and goes all the way up and comes back down. This exercise also allows players to practice the scale in the sections that they are having trouble on.