Guitar Chords — Strumming

The objective of this lesson is to critically listen to a piece of music, analyze the chord progression, input it into Noteflight, and practice the chords in the song to record into Noteflight.

Balinese Baris Dance: Compose your own Gamelan!

Students will be able to perform, from memory, parts of the Balinese Baris Dance, discerning the differences in instruments from another foreign culture. Students will then be able to input notation on Noteflight Learn, save, and share their work. Lastly, students will compose their own 2-measure Gamelan piece inspired by the Baris Dance.

Suspensions Lesson

In this lesson students will identify preparation, suspension, and resolution parts of different suspensions. Then students can label different kinds of suspensions (9-8, 7-6, 4-3, 2-3) with Roman numeral analysis and compose suspensions in a chorale setting.

Diatonic Triads and Common Chord Progression in the Major Mode

Students notate the diatonic triads in a Major key of their choice, and then, referencing content on Common Chord Progression, students compose a brief chord progression in that key.

Spain – Jazz Improvization Theory and Practice

Understand and demonstrate music improvisation in Lydian and Harmonic Minor.

Robert L Sax
Create #1Respond #5
Create Parallel and Contrasting Periods

The student will be able to write the consequent phrase of a parallel or contrasting period when given the antecedent.

Blue Scale Melody Composition

The object of this lesson is to help students with an introduction to the Blues and the Blues Scale. While they might not be ready to improvise right away, they can start to try to compose using a basic scale. Students are given a C Blues scale and a blank 12 bar blues with accompaniment. They are to compose a melody over those 12 bars.

Tendency Tones

Teach students how notes within a major scale want to resolve. Help students identify stable and unstable tones within a key both aurally and visually.

Introduction to Figured Bass

Introduce students to triad inversion and how to express them through figured bass.

Tritone Resolution in Major Key

Teach students to hear the dissonance of the tritone and how it should resolve in major keys.