A Day In the Life of Jack the Cat – Compose using Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So

Students will be able to compose a short motif using known rhythms and pitches.

6th Grade Folk Song Composition

Take a short original text phrase and create musical phrases based on the text. Compose a melody with text.

Open String Composition

Beginning Orchestra students will become more familiar with the placement of notes on the staff and the open strings. Beginning Orchestra students will perform an original composition for class.

Create a Recorder Song

Compose a song using a recorder in notes B, A, and G. Only use half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and use quarter rests. After completing your song, record yourself playing it on the recorder.

Create #1
F Natural for Orchestra

Students will mark fingerings, record an exercise, and compose their own exercise using F natural and F sharp on the D string in 1st position.

2nd Grade Melody Composition

Students will be able to identify the notes F, G, and A on the treble clef, compose a simple melody using do, re, and mi in the key of F, play their compositions on Orff instruments, and record these performances on Noteflight.

Ding Dong, Diggy Diggy Dong

Review the melody of “Ding Dong, Diggy Diggy Dong” through singing or playing on barred instruments. Correct the mistakes (red notes) in the melody by moving the notes up or down on the staff.

Treble Clef Practice

Students will be able to identify B, A, and G on the Treble Clef.

Mary Beth Penjuke
Create #3Perform #4
Create and play your own composition

Using quarter and eighth notes, create a melody with fixed pitches then record yourself playing along.

Trumpet Low Note Warm-Up

The Lesson Plan is a good warm-up for trumpet players. This exercise starts on a C and works its way down to a G which is good for warming up their lips.