Pentatonic Melody Composition

1. Learners will compose a 4 measure melody using the pentatonic collection. (MU:CR2.1.6b, 9.1.8.A)
2. Learners will analyze their peer’s composition and explain how the pitches, rhythms, and structure either support or detract from the melody. (MU:Pr4.2.6b, MU:Re7.2.T.Ia)
3. Learners will demonstrate use of computer music notation to share their musical ideas. (9.1.8.J)
4. Learners will revise their melody based on peer feedback. (MU:Cr3.1.T.Ia)

My Original Composition

Objective 1: Students will be able to create an original composition in ABA form following the requirements of the form as explained in the project.
Objective 2: Students will learn to play their original song on either guitar or keyboard and have the opportunity to make any changes to their composition they feel necessary.
Objective 3 : Once students are ready, they will perform their original composition for the teacher and be scored on it based on the performance rubric we use on a regular basis.

A Day In the Life of Jack the Cat – Compose using Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So

Students will be able to compose a short motif using known rhythms and pitches.

Eighth Note Composition

Students will use this worksheet/lesson to create their own song using eighth notes and the first 5 notes on their band instruments.

Create #1Respond #5
Recorder Karate: White Belt Mastery and Composition Unit

Students will be able to:

1. perform their White Belt Song on the recorder and record it for mastery.

2. compose a piece of music using the notes BAG and rhythms of quarter, half, and whole notes or rests.

Create #2Perform #6
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D Major Scale Worksheet and Playing Test

Students will be able to name the notes from and create an 8 measure composition using the D Major scale.

Composition Activity

Students will demonstrate knowledge on the differences between steps and skips, they will generate music composition ideas within given parameters, and lastly students will combine music composition ideas into a short melody.

Compose an 8 measure melody

Students completing this worksheet will be able to compose an eight-measure long melody using the C major scale and prompts given in the worksheet.

Elementary band composition and performance.

Create an eight-measure rhythmic composition, apply a melody to it and perform it.

Solfege Notation and Recording

Students will be able to notate music based on solfege and read a line of music using solfege.

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Sight Reading
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