Low Notes for Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

1. Objective 1- Students will annotate note names and fingerings in Noteflight.
2. Objective 2- Students will be able to record a one octave major Scale, one octave minor scale, and the excerpt from the concert music.
3. Objective 3- Students will self-evaluate their recording.

William Winters
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Recorder Karate: White Belt Mastery and Composition Unit

Students will be able to:

1. perform their White Belt Song on the recorder and record it for mastery.

2. compose a piece of music using the notes BAG and rhythms of quarter, half, and whole notes or rests.

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D Major Scale Worksheet and Playing Test

Students will be able to name the notes from and create an 8 measure composition using the D Major scale.

Compose Arrange Record Lesson

Write a four-bar composition with proper harmonic, melodic, voice-leading considerations. Arrange it for instruments (including transpositions), perform it, and then sync the audio.

Ryan Sweer
AP Course
AP TheoryComposition
Beginning Band 5-Note Melody Composition

Create a four measure melody using the first five notes the have learned.

Changing the Mood

Identify between major and minor. Add solfege syllables and “la” based minor. Manipulate the melody in tone and rhythm to represent different moods. Connect composition to writing for movie music.

Orchestra Composition in D

Students will demonstrate their understanding of quarter notes and half notes both in composition and on their instruments. Then they will show their ability to identify the notes in the D Major scale both in their composition and on their instruments. Finally, students will create a simple 8 bar melody appropriate for their instrument.

Jessica Williams
Middle School
Balinese Baris Dance: Compose your own Gamelan!

Students will be able to perform, from memory, parts of the Balinese Baris Dance, discerning the differences in instruments from another foreign culture. Students will then be able to input notation on Noteflight Learn, save, and share their work. Lastly, students will compose their own 2-measure Gamelan piece inspired by the Baris Dance.

F Natural for Orchestra

Students will mark fingerings, record an exercise, and compose their own exercise using F natural and F sharp on the D string in 1st position.

Creating Harmony in 3rds and 6ths

Notate a harmonized line to a given melody, perform a partner duet using harmony a 3rd or 6th below the melody, and assess the difference in sound between a harmony line a 3rd below versus a 6th below.