Noteflight in K-12 Classrooms: A Sample Assignment (2)

You may recall our article in the July issue of Notes, presenting a sample assignment that uses Noteflight’s unique features for music teaching. We like to think of Noteflight as an easy access point that lets kids jump right in to start experimenting musically.

Noteflight’s Activity Template feature — available exclusively to Crescendo and education users — makes it easy for a teacher to create, share, and review a musical assignment. When the Activity Template option is selected in Noteflight’s Sharing tab, a student who opens the score instantly gains access to a unique copy to play with and edit freely, without altering the template itself. The teacher can then review each student’s copy and add comments and suggestions. Read more about Activity Templates.

Here is a sample assignment, geared toward high school or advanced middle-school students. It asks students to listen to a melody, the “A” section of a song, and add their own “B” section for a complete melody in binary form:

Feel free to copy this score template to your Noteflight site or account: just click the white box to view it in a full window, then in the File menu choose “Save a copy” and customize the exercise as you see fit. Open the Sharing tab to make it an Activity Template, and send the URL / web link to your students!