Noteflight is now part of Hal Leonard Corporation!

We have some really big news, which is also really good news: Noteflight has just become part of Hal Leonard Corporation, one of the top global companies in music publishing and music education.

This is awesome, and I’ll say why in a minute. But first let me speak to a part of your brain that may be thinking, “Uh oh. Goodbye to Noteflight as we knew it.”

That’s a sensible thing to wonder, and I want to respond to it: Noteflight is still going to be Noteflight. This change isn’t going to alter our mission, our team, or our service. Noteflight will continue to operate as an independent company, but now with the full support and investment of Hal Leonard. We will not be one of Hal Leonard’s divisions or departments. I will continue to run Noteflight as its President. We’re still about the same thing: “Your music, everywhere”. Now more than ever.

And now, back to why is this so awesome. Simply put, Noteflight will be able to draw on more resources, more collective wisdom, and more musical content than we ever could before. With Hal Leonard’s help, we will be able to do more for you, do it better, and do it faster. Hal Leonard is an amazing bunch of people who believe in the power of music, and who fully embrace the Noteflight vision of musical creativity and collaboration anywhere, any place, any time. President Larry Morton and his team totally get what our community is about, and I’m unbelievably excited about having their help in taking Noteflight to a new level.

At the end of the day, companies are all about people. What motivates us to get up and go to work at Noteflight is the opportunity to do things for all of you. That opportunity just got bigger, and we’re that much more motivated.

The bottom line is this: you, this amazing community of musical people, have made us what we are. Together we have changed the way music is created and shared, and we look forward to breaking more new ground with you. We’re not going to let you down: the next chapter is going to be very cool indeed.

Keep on making music!