Noteflight Launches Enhanced Interactive Music Experience

Noteflight has redesigned the experience for purchased music on Noteflight Marketplace, making it easier than ever for musicians to interact with music online. The interactive music viewer adapts to screen sizes on any device and gives players easy control of formatting, playback, transposition, and more. All music sold on Noteflight Marketplace will automatically display as interactive and buyers can still make an editable copy in their Noteflight account for further adaptations.


Playback Settings

The new interactive music experience gives musicians control of playback for learning and playing along with their music. The Playback Settings menu gives control of speed, adds in the metronome with independent volume control, and allows purchasers to hide and/or mute individual parts in the music. Listeners can also click or tap any measure during playback or while paused to advance the cursor to any measure.

Tip: Hide the piano part in a Piano/Vocal/Guitar format to make a quick vocal line and chord version of the music!

Score Settings

The Score Settings menu allows for control of the zoom, note sizing, and various views available, so players can customize the way they want to view their music. Any change to these controls will automatically reformat the music for viewing. Changing the note size will also reformat the music for printing. Page View allows scrolling to go up and down, while Strip View will format the music horizontally across the screen.

Musicians can also easily transpose the music higher or lower, including to enharmonic major and minor keys.

Printing and PDFs

Printing and exporting purchases is easy. Export to PDF or print the full score, individual parts, or both the full score and individual parts.

The first page sample is also available for printing before purchase.

Purchasing and Editable Copies

Purchases in Noteflight Marketplace are made based on the number of authorized performers. Purchasers can always add more performers at any time if a buyer wishes to adapt and use the music with more musicians. Plus, any purchase can be copied into a free Noteflight account and be edited for further adaptations. Read all the details of purchasing music on Noteflight Marketplace.

Check out our new interactive music experience today by heading over to Noteflight Marketplace and browsing through over 70,000 titles for sale, and maybe even sell your own!