Noteflight Learn Content Libraries

Noteflight Learn now includes hundreds of professionally engraved digital scores, expanding each Noteflight Learn site into a rich library of educational materials along with a powerful web-based notation editor with recording and assessment tools for all users. This makes Noteflight Learn the ideal platform for teaching composition, creating music theory lessons, listening to and recording along with scores, and managing performance assessments.

This growing library of included high-quality educational content includes: Chorales, composition assignments, theory assignments, popular melodies, scale patterns, and sight reading exercises.

All scores can be copied and adapted to create variations, so teachers and students can edit scores to work for any instrument and in any key.

Published Content

In addition to the included Noteflight Learn Library, we also offer content libraries of published scores, available for only $3 per user, per year.  These annual subscriptions provide legal, online access to hundreds of copyrighted works in both full score and individual parts. The works can be adapted in Noteflight’s score editor to fit the specific needs and instrumentation of any ensemble.

All content library scores are available for preview inside any current or demo Noteflight Learn account, or at We offer six library options:

  • Band includes concert band repertoire from Grades I-IV, including both contest and pop music as well as UIL selections. We will add jazz band repertoire later in the year.
  • Choir offers repertoire at multiple levels and in multiple voicings, including UIL selections. All scores offer separated voices allowing students to easily isolate and learn their part. The piano parts are also included.
  • Orchestra includes repertoire from Grades I-IV, including both contest and pop music as well as UIL selections.
  • Piano offers both classical and pop music at multiple levels.
  • Guitar includes educational solo and ensemble guitar content from multiple genres and at multiple levels, most of which include tablature.
  • Pop includes popular music in piano/vocal/guitar (PVG) format from multiple genres.

CL Digital Score

All Digital and Ready To Use.

All scores are delivered as digital Noteflight files allowing users to instantly view, play, record, transpose, adapt, or arrange for use in their ensembles. Printing and exporting are not allowed, but all scores and copies are saved in Noteflight during the subscription period and can be accessed on any web-enabled device.

Let’s Learn!

Using Noteflight Learn with digital content libraries opens up a world of possibilities for teaching and learning music. Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Have students learn their parts by singing or playing along with a score
  • Use Noteflight live audio recording for performance assessments
  • Create collaborative recording projects where each student records their own part’s audio
  • Have students use digital scores for score study so they understand how their part relates to other musical lines
  • Create composition assignments by having students rearrange, reharmonize, or add parts to a score
  • Encourage students to freely explore libraries for sight reading practice
  • Transpose easy repertoire to help students learn new key signatures


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