Noteflight Learn Linked Accounts

Noteflight Learn provides a COPPA-compliant website where accounts are private, and no student information (such as email or name) is collected. A Noteflight Learn account can be linked to a personal Basic or Premium account on, allowing users to easily transfer scores between their Noteflight Learn site and their own account. As per Noteflight’s Terms of Use, a user must be age 13 or older to create an account on The Noteflight Learn account always remains private, and only musical scores are transferred between accounts.


Why It’s Awesome

This feature is really helpful and can be used in the following ways:

  • Noteflight Learn users who are graduating or losing access to their school site can easily transfer scores and continue enjoying Noteflight Basic or Premium forever!
  • Students with existing Basic or Premium accounts can transfer scores into their Noteflight Learn account.
  • Students who create a score for a school project can transfer that score into their account and easily share with the Noteflight community.
  • Students can find and copy public scores on and transfer them into their Noteflight Learn account for use in school.


How It Works

1. Inside your Noteflight Learn account, select “Link Another Account” in the right menu:

(After linking in complete, this option will allow you to unlink your accounts if needed.)

2. In the dialogue box, enter your login credentials for the account to which you want to link:

3. Once linked, you can switch between accounts using the left menu:

4. To copy scores, press “Organize”, select all the scores you wish to copy, and press “Copy to Site”:

5. Select the desired account and press OK:

All scores are now copied in the other location. Remember, these are copies of the scores so they exist in both accounts. Any changes to one score will not affect the other copy. Also, if you exceed your 10-score limit in a Noteflight Basic account when copying over scores, we will archive all scores and let you select which 10 you would like to use. You may always upgrade to Noteflight Premium for unlimited scores and all of the same features you have in Noteflight Learn. Enjoy!