Noteflight Gets a Makeover!

Check out our Noteflight makeover! We had a big redesign! Our newest update makes many improvements to performance, site navigation, and includes a complete redesign of our HTML5 editor. This update also builds the infrastructure to add many new features in the future so we can keep up with our user requests. Check out the new features below and try it out for yourself at

We also recently released this live webinar featuring Robby Shaver, designer of the new UI, along with Joe Berkovitz and John Mlynczak:

New Navigation Sidebar


We have moved our site navigation to a left side panel, accessible by clicking the Noteflight logo in the upper left. You can access this menu from anywhere on the site, including from the editor.

Here, you will find:

  • New Score
  • Home Page
  • Recent scores
  • User Guide Access
  • Sites and Groups (Noteflight Learn customers only)

New Account Sidebar


A new sidebar on the right organizes all account and language options in one panel, accessible by clicking on your user icon in the upper right.

New Score Editor User Interface


We have created an entirely new look and feel for our HTML5 editor and it’s our best and easiest-to-use design yet!

For those of you currently using the Flash editor, press the “Try the New Editor” to use the new editor.


New features include:

    • Customizable tool palettes and menus: Every editor command is accessible within one simple system


    • New Instruments Panel that lets you add, remove, change, reorder, show/hide, and even tune all instruments in one place


    • Easy zoom and fit-to-screen options


  • Newly updated User Guide for all new features
  • Improved mobile performance and stability

Improved Playback and Perform Features

editorHeaderPerformPlayback mode now allows you to access the audio mixer, set the playhead position by clicking or tapping on any measure, plus pause and resume using the spacebar. Perform mode allows you to play along with selected parts, use an optional metronome, and adjust tempo.  

Midi Transcribe


HTML5 allows for Midi note entry and transcription using almost any standard Midi device.

And … Don’t Worry

If you try the new editor and are not quite ready to leave the comfort of our old editor behind, you can always switch back. Just go to the View menu and choose “Use the Old Flash Editor”. Be sure to save your score first.