Noteflight Marketplace Call For Compositions

We recognize that music teachers across the globe are unsure of how school music ensembles will be able to meet during these unprecedented times and are constantly looking for flexible repertoire to support music-making in any scenario. Noteflight Marketplace is the ideal solution for providing repertoire that can be adapted in Noteflight to meet the ever-changing needs of school ensembles. We seek to provide a comprehensive collection of flexible small ensemble repertoire for schools in order to support continued music learning for all students.

We are calling on all Noteflight Marketplace current and future sellers to help us provide works to support school music, both with flexible ensemble repertoire and solos for students to play at home. We plan on featuring and heavily promoting this repertoire in the upcoming fall school year. Selected submissions will be featured on our Noteflight Marketplace homepage.

Small Ensemble Repertoire Needs

Traditional school ensemble instrumentations such as choral, string instruments, concert band instruments, percussion ensembles, Orff ensembles, recorder, ukulele, and guitar ensembles are needed. While we are looking for repertoire at all levels, the biggest need is for entry-level and beginner repertoire. Here are a few suggestions for arranging flexible repertoire:

  • Teachers can edit in Noteflight, so the key, range, and parts can all be adapted for various instrumentations.
  • Use limited parts, such as 2-4 lines, that can be adapted for other instruments.
  • Consider that each line may be played by either a soloist or a section, and feel free to include instructions in the parts.
  • Provide optional and alternate parts based on ensemble size or difficulty level.
  • Also include a few percussion part options that can include only a few or many percussionists.
  • Allow teachers or students to make creative decisions on dynamics, articulations, and phrasing, based on their own instrument.
  • Be sure bass clef and mid-voice lines have the melody as well.

Solo Repertoire Needs

There is also a need for instrumental solos that students can play at home. While we are looking for repertoire at all levels, the biggest need is for entry-level and beginner repertoire. Here are a few suggestions for arranging beginner solo repertoire:

    • Consider making versions transposed for each instrument in an appropriate range and key so younger students do not have to worry about range or transposition.
    • Feel free to provide a couple variations of difficulty on the same score so students can pick a part based on their level.
    • Select popular songs that will engage students at home.
    • Use Noteflight’s media sync feature to align parts with audio/video content to make play-alongs.


Featuring Submissions

Eligibility: Any ArrangeMe Seller connected with Noteflight can submit their work to be featured. If you are not already a seller, you can sign up to sell on ArrangeMe in just a few minutes. If you have a Noteflight Basic subscription, you can upgrade to Noteflight Premium for $7.95 a month, $49 a year, or a one-time payment of $299 forever if you purchase Noteflight Premium Lifetime. You can also choose to sign up for a free 30-day Noteflight Premium trial but please note, your scores will no longer be up for sale if you do not purchase before your free trial ends. 

Content: You can compose original music, arrange a public domain work, or arrange a copyrighted work that is available in our Song Catalog

Submission Limits: We will select as many scores as we can to be featured and you can have more than one title featured. We will also rotate titles so your submissions can have continued exposure.

Deadline: Entries must be received by August 15th, 2020, at 11:59 pm PT. We will begin featuring works before this deadline.

Submission Process: After your score is for sale on Noteflight Marketplace, email us the URL of the score in Noteflight Marketplace at with the subject of “Noteflight Marketplace Score Submission”.