Noteflight New Features – March 2017

This month we have added several editor features, as well as a new sign in process that includes Google and Facebook. Here are the highlights:

Sign Me Up

Noteflight now offers both Facebook and Google sign in! New users can sign up instantly and current users may link their accounts. You can also easily share your scores to Facebook by simply copying the url into a post, and your score title and description will appear.


Measures That Stay Together

We have added two measure and system layout options to help with score formatting.

Create System places highlighted measures into their own system and locks them together:

Keep With Next attaches two or more measures together and ensures they remain on the same system at all times:


All The Measure Numbers

There is now an additional option to see numbers on every measure, accessible in the score settings formatting menu.


Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling

Strip View now retains the clefs, instrument names, and key signatures during scrolling, so you can always see the information you need to compose and perform. Try using strip view to perform or record along with scrolling measures.


Score! Even More Templates

We have added a new “Expanded Orchestra” score template for Premium and Learn users. Enjoy writing for large orchestra!


Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Noteflight!