Noteflight Score Editor Continues to Improve

Noteflight Score Editor

We are working to make constant improvements to the Noteflight score editor and have recently released many new enhancements. The original Flash-based editor must be retired because the technology is no longer supported on the Web. The user feedback we are receiving is immensely helpful in guiding our improvements to the new Noteflight score editor. Here are some of our most noticeable improvements this month:

Score View and Printing.

We have made dramatic editing performance improvements in both Paginated and Strip View, making Noteflight even faster! Also, we have fixed a printing bug for very large scores.


The scrollbar menu on the left now adjusts around the tool palettes and the drop down menu will not overlap any other objects in the editor. Tool palette icons now include a visible border when hovering with a mouse, making it easier to see which action is selected.

Play Mode.

The measure selection in Play Mode is now retained when returning to Edit Mode, which makes listening to and editing scores seamless. Playback speed adjustment is now available in Edit Mode, so users can adjust playback speed before listening to a score.


As always, we encourage users to provide feedback on the Noteflight score editor at: