Noteflight Score Sharing Enhancements

At Noteflight, we want all of our members to be able to freely share their music while protecting and respecting other artists’ works. In cooperation with Hal Leonard, our parent company, Noteflight is now allowing members to identify and share arrangements of copyrighted music for viewing and commenting from our community! Here is how it works:

Score Sharing Options

When sharing a score, the Copyright Information section will prompt you to identify your work as one of the following:

an original work: This is solely your original work and you may freely share it for viewing, exporting, and printing.

an arrangement of an existing work: This is your arrangement of a public domain work or someone else’s copyrighted work. Use the search box to identify and select the existing work from our database. If the work is not in our database, you can provide the title and composer(s) for us.


What Happens Next?

Arrangements of public domain works may be freely shared. For arrangements of copyrighted works, print, copy, and export will be disabled for viewers. Noteflight will also display an advertisement for Noteflight Marketplace or Sheet Music Direct and this ad may include links to purchase any available official publisher editions of the original work. This allows anyone viewing the score the option to purchase a publisher-approved arrangement. Hal Leonard will also administer royalties to the rights holders of your shared works. This is a win-win for everyone: Noteflight users can share their arrangements and get feedback from the community, and rights holders are properly compensated!

Please also consider selling your original music or arrangements on Noteflight Marketplace.

Noteflight is a vibrant community where music creators, performers, and enthusiasts collaborate around making music. We encourage all users who have previously shared scores to go back and edit the sharing settings to properly identify their work. We are excited to partner with Hal Leonard and Sheet Music Direct in order to provide Noteflight users this enhanced opportunity to share arrangements while supporting the rights of songwriters and composers!