New Color, Easier Playback, and Many Editor Updates!

7-13-2016 Updates

This week we have launched recording and begun our transition away from the Flash editor. We are making constant improvements to performance, speed, and functionality of the HTML5 editor and we have added many new features and updates, including:

  • Darkening the score background color in the HTML5 Editor
  • Automatically launching the key and time signature dialogues when you click them on the score
  • Adding a new “Split System” action in the Layout Palette that separates measures within a system, usually used for adding a Coda
  • Retaining measure selections between edit and play modes
  • Allowing a double click on a measure in Play Mode to exit the score to Edit Mode
  • Adding a stop icon in the header of Play Mode that takes the score back to Edit Mode
  • Creating a new “L.V. Tie” feature for percussion notation