Noteflight’s Cloud-Based Music Notation Tool Goes Mobile

Noteflight’s score writing software first to reach iPad, iPhone, Android with HTML5 technology.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 15, 2013

Noteflight, LLC ( today announced a new version of its web-based music notation editor that targets a wide set of mobile devices including Apple’s iPad(TM) and iPhone(TM), along with Android(TM) tablets and smartphones. The new software will be made publicly available at The NAMM Show on January 24. 2013.

This fundamental shift in technology allows users to move seamlessly from device to device as they create, share and consume sheet music in the cloud. Built on a new HTML5 standard for audio that gives websites the capabilities of full-blown music apps, Noteflight is the first notation tool to target both mobile and desktop with a single web-based product.

Complementing this shift, Noteflight has redesigned its user experience from the bottom up to support both mobile and desktop users. A unique multi-touch piano keyboard allows users to enter notes and chords, just as one would on an actual piano. The Score Editor switches effortlessly between editing, hearing and reading scores as musicians focus on different tasks. Noteflight’s entire site has been given a completely new interface that is responsive and appropriate on large or on small screens, for touch or for keyboard/mouse input that is ideal for producing music.

Noteflight is making all of these innovations available at no additional cost to both free users and paid subscribers. Unlike other music notation apps, users do not need download or install anything; music notation features are part of Noteflight’s website and behave the same on all supported devices, with a single business model.

The company’s educational customers and commercial partners immediately benefit from the transition to a single technology base that supports computers, tablets and smartphones. Music curriculum or commercial sheet music delivered via Noteflight’s platform can now be consumed literally anywhere, with a consistent visual and aural experience.

“We founded Noteflight four years ago with a vision of notated music that’s available to musicians wherever they go, whatever they do,” said CEO Joe Berkovitz. “The web powered our vision from the start when we first put scores in the cloud. Then the mobile app revolution took root, and our users naturally asked for us to make Noteflight available on every popular mobile platform. Our solution was to leverage the latest web standards to create a product that delivers a single, unified experience on both mobile and desktop. The use of web standards also lets Noteflight deliver value to musicians on many platforms to come, for a long time.”

Noteflight’s new web-based composition tool relies on a new aspect of HTML5 called the Web Audio API. This capability lets web-based applications create any musical sound “on the fly”, without being limited to playing back pre-recorded audio. Joe Berkovitz of Noteflight participates as an Invited Expert on the World Wide Web Consortium’s working group of vendors and specialists that are currently developing the Web Audio API.
To avoid any disruption to its existing customers, Noteflight will continue support for its previously released Flash-based editor during a transitional period. Both the Flash and HTML5 versions of Noteflight are compatible and work together on the same site.

About Noteflight
Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Boston, MA, Noteflight, LLC is dedicated to reinventing the way people create, share, and use written music. Noteflight allows users to edit, display, play back and share music notation in a web browser, on any device. Noteflight has an active online community of over 600,000 music enthusiasts and its site contains a corpus of musical scores to which anyone can publish their compositions. Noteflight serves music education instructors with its Noteflight Classroom product for K-12 and Noteflight Campus for Higher Education. Noteflight also licenses its technology to industry leaders to manage scalable cloud-based repositories of sheet music that can be delivered to any device with Noteflight Publishing Server. For more information, visit