Summer Composition Contest: Workout Music!

Our exciting series of composition contests will continue this fall. But instead of leaving you with a bleak, contest-free summer, we decided to offer something light-hearted as a break from our more serious-minded competitions.

It’s a little-known fact that every afternoon, we here at Noteflight engage in a healthy ritual known as the “Seven-minute workout.” Set to a timer, the workout is supposed to optimize the benefits of exercise in a short period. Whether it does that or not, it certainly gets us out of our chairs and away from our desks.

Why should you care? Because we want YOU to write music for us to accompany our workout! As your reward (or as fodder for jokes at our expense), we will post a video of us — the entire Noteflight team — doing the full workout to your music, and we will use the music in our daily routine.

Here are the steps:

1. Follow this link to watch the workout routine we use.

2. Get inspired. Maybe even try the workout yourself!

3. Write your workout music. Must precisely match the timing of the full cycle of the 7 minute workout on this routine (including transition intervals). Repetition of musical material is allowed, to any extent.

The competition will be judged by us, the workout team.

Rules. What rules? Well, there are a few:

1. All entries must be submitted by August 15, 2015.
2. Only ONE score per person.
3. Contest is open to ALL Noteflight users, free and Crescendo.
4. Compositions must be original music; arrangements of copyrighted songs will not be allowed.
5. Each contestant must submit their own score; for example a teacher may not submit a piece on behalf of a student.
6. The score must be composed from start to finish in Noteflight, and must be submitted as a Noteflight link/URL, not as a PDF or other type of file.
7. Employees of Noteflight and the Hal Leonard Corporation or HLC affiliates are ineligible to participate.

Fill in this web form to submit your score!