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Noteflight Learn Lesson Resources

Noteflight Learn Lesson Resources

This Noteflight Learn Lesson Resources database provides a valuable forum for teachers to share their lessons. Search below to find a lesson for your class. These lessons are ideal for Noteflight Learn, and you can always take advantage of our Free 60-Day Trial. Enjoy! Do you have a lesson plan you would like to add? […]

Noteflight Learn Lesson Resources Upload Form

Noteflight Learn Lesson Resources

Noteflight Learn Lesson Resources are open to everyone and provide a forum for educators to share their great lesson plans and scores. Use this form to share your Noteflight scores and lessons with other teachers. Your Noteflight score link needs to be on and shared with everyone. You can link accounts and copy a […]

Noteflight Learn Educator Certification Course

Noteflight Learn

Noteflight Learn provides a collaborative learning environment where every teacher and student can create, record, and share music in a private website. The Noteflight Learn Educator Certification course was created to provide educators with advanced instruction in teaching music using Noteflight Learn and to create a community of certified educators who exemplify best practices in […]

KHS America and Noteflight Announce New Contest with Presidio Brass

KHS America, Presidio Brass, and Noteflight are sponsoring a new composition contest for high school band and orchestra students. Students will submit original brass quintet works composed using Noteflight and the contest winner will have Presidio Brass come do a masterclass and premier the work at their high school. The winning composer will also win […]

Adding and Removing Content Library Users

To add or remove a user’s permission to access one or more of your purchased Content Libraries, please follow the steps below: 1. Log in as the Admin or a Teacher in your Noteflight Learn site and select your purchased content library. 2. Select “Library Members” on the left column: 3. Add students by selecting […]

Switching to Learning Management System Integration

Current Noteflight Learn users can switch to a Google Classroom or LTI-integrated site by creating the new integrated site and having students and teachers move over their work from the current site. Here is how it works: 1) Email to request to make this change. Make sure that you include the following information: a) […]

Making Worksheets in Noteflight Learn

Noteflight Learn allows teachers to easily create assignments for students to complete, and Noteflight has several features for formatting worksheets, giving instructions, and providing feedback. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of your digital student worksheets: Using Text and Comments1. Start With a Text Prompt. The Text Prompt feature […]

“I want to compose a piece. What should I do?” A Composing Starter Kit


One story we hear from our users goes something like this: “I’ve always wanted to compose, but I just didn’t have the right tools… with Noteflight I can jump right in and start writing music!” We love hearing this, of course, but is it always that simple? Once you know how to enter notes and […]