Noteflight and EE Music Class

Noteflight is proud to partner with Essential Elements Music Class to provide every subscriber a free Noteflight Premium subscription to compose and create music. You must be a current EE Music Class subscriber to take advantage of this offer. You will receive a Noteflight Premium account for the length of your subscription, and your account will be continued as you renew EE Music Class each year. Also, Noteflight never deletes anything so your scores are always safely stored with Noteflight, even if you don’t renew.

Redeem Noteflight Premium

Step 1: In order to provide a Noteflight Premium account, you must first be a verified Basic Noteflight user. Please start by creating a free account at, verifying your email address, then creating a username. Once this step is complete or if you already have an account, please proceed to step 2.

Step 2: For both new and renewing accounts, please complete all of the fields below and we will activate your Noteflight Premium account.

*New users please create a free account at before proceeding*

First Name*
Last Name*
School Name*
Noteflight Account Email*
EE Music Class Access Code*(Found under Partner Offers in your EE Music Class Account)
Source Notes
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Renewal Date MM/dd/yyyy

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