SoundCheck Check One Two

SoundCheck Now Has Video!

We are so excited to announce that video recording is now available in SoundCheck™! This allows you to view video of the recorded performance along with SoundCheck’s performance assessment. Video recording is now available in Noteflight Learn and Noteflight Premium!

This new video feature will be added at no additional charge, so all current and future SoundCheck subscribers will be able to use it right away!

Locked Mode for Assessments

SoundCheck also recently announced Locked Mode for Noteflight Learn, allowing teachers to lock all settings for student assessments.

When sharing an activity template for an assignment, choosing “Locked Mode” will disable the tempo, playback and recording settings, and marked selection for students, leaving the SoundCheck score locked in the exact way the teacher has originally set it. Choosing the “Unlocked Mode” option, will allow students to freely adjust the tempo, choose their own playback and recording options, and mark selections. Here are just a few ways that Locked Mode can be used:

  • Set the Playback Option to Metronome and only allow 1 attempt to make a true sight-reading assessment with no way for students to hear their part first.
  • Set the Recording Option to Backing Track so that students must record with the full score audio.
  • Turn the cursor off in Recording Options to ensure students are counting their parts and not just following the cursor.
  • Use the Mark Selection option to lock only the specific section of the music that will be assessed.

With both Unlocked and Locked Modes, SoundCheck can now be used as a learning tool in “Unlocked Mode” and an assessment tool in “Locked Mode”, making SoundCheck the ideal performance assessment solution for teachers and students.

With SoundCheck and Noteflight Learn, all Content Library and Essential Elements Band and String scores can be used instantly, and any Noteflight score you create or import can be converted to a SoundCheck score with just the click of a button. All current Noteflight Learn integrations with Google Classroom and LTI tools such as Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, etc, are supported for creating and turning in SoundCheck assignments, including automatically adding the SoundCheck rating to your LMS grade book.

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Feature Highlights

SoundCheck offers many great features, such as:

  • iOS functionality in the Safari browser, with no extra app needed.
  • Video recording for Noteflight Learn and Noteflight Premium members.
  • The ability to download recorded audio as an MP3 file.
  • The SoundCheck assessment rating is automatically added to the grade book of your own LMS, including Google Classroom, MusicFirst, Canvas, Schoology, Powerschool, Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle, and more. Students simply need to complete their assignment and use the same “Turn In” button already available in Noteflight Learn.
  • “Unlocked” and “Locked” mode options for student learning and assessment.
  • All Content Library scores and Essential Elements Band and String scores include a SoundCheck version that can be used right away. Teachers and students can always edit a Content Library or Essential Elements score and create their own SoundCheck version as well.
  • Non-pitched percussion parts automatically include a record-only option.
  • SoundCheck note feedback displays in the same key as transposing instruments.
  • SoundCheck scores can be created from only the parts in view in the Noteflight score, making it easy to create SoundCheck score versions with only the parts you need.
  • Sharing and assignment options are streamlined for both Noteflight and SoundCheck scores. For assignments, simply select “Activity Template” and the experience is the same for all scores.
  • SoundCheck will automatically unroll repeats when created from the Noteflight score to provide a through-composed assessment. Noteflight also offers an “Unroll Repeats” feature in the Repeat menu so you can unroll and make any edits before creating a SoundCheck score.
  • The Noteflight score used to create the SoundCheck score is linked at the top of the Score Details panel for easy access.


New Features Coming Soon

We are working on several new features to be made available ASAP, including:

  • Additional content for Band and Choral libraries, including Hal Leonard’s FlexBand Series.
  • Video recording
  • Purchases in Noteflight Marketplace will become available to be assigned to individual users, further expanding the availability of published content that can be used with Noteflight and SoundCheck.

We are continuing to add and expand SoundCheck functionality so stay tuned for more!


Quoting Noteflight Learn with SoundCheck

SoundCheck can be added to any Noteflight Learn subscription for $3 per user, per year. Current customers can add SoundCheck right away for a prorated price based on your renewal date. Noteflight Learn is currently $2 per user, per year. With the addition of Content Libraries ($3 per user) and SoundCheck ($3 per user), teachers and students can now access music notation, Hal Leonard content, and performance assessment for a total of $8 per user, per year! You can quote or purchase right away and you may always contact us anytime with questions.

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You can also add SoundCheck to Noteflight Premium subscriptions for $5 a month or $30 a year!

We will continue to update this blog as we work on implementing these and other exciting new features. Don’t forget to sign up for email updates and we look forward to rolling out these continuous improvements to support you!