8 Reasons to Start Using Noteflight Learn in Your Classroom


NoteflightNow that you are settled into the new school year, are you looking for ways to integrate music creation into your music classes?
Noteflight Learn is an incredible tool that allows you to engage in Creating, Responding, Performing and Connecting in your classroom every day. You and your students will have your own dedicated, COPPA-compliant site on which you can compose, arrange, record, share, collaborate, and respond.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider adding Noteflight Learn to your curriculum:

1) Channel that Creativity! Give your students an outlet for all that creativity by giving them the ability to write unlimited scores on any device, any time of the day or night. Noteflight can help you create lessons to do with your students to get them focused and excited about crafting their own music.

2) Offer Meaningful Feedback. Help your students improve their musicianship by providing differentiated feedback in a multitude of ways. You can color-code notes that are interesting or need to be changed, leave comments in Score Details, create annotations directly in the score, or record your own demos or audio responses in an additional staff line so that your student can listen to your example.

3) Monitor Progress and Improvements. Track your students’ progress over time as they grow and learn throughout the year. With the ability to record directly in the score, your score library doubles as a recording archive, and your young musicians can trace their progress over time as they improve.

4) Create an Environment of Collaboration. Allow your students to critique a work of their fellow musicians by using Noteflight Learn. Features like commenting, favoriting and sharing make this a breeze. Not only will your students receive valuable feedback on their composition attempts and performance recordings, but they will learn to listen critically and collaborate with their peers.

5) Create Exciting New Exercises. Create innovative lessons that are only possible with Noteflight: Play a game of telephone by having students compose two measures, then share the piece with another student for them to continue composing. Create a full score recording by having students each record a different part of the piece right in the score. Sync a YouTube video with a blank score and have students compose the background music. Choose or create an image to use as the cover art for an empty score and ask students to compose music that reflects the image. Your imagination is the limit!

6) Seamless Integration with Your Learning Management System. Connect with your other school systems to create a solid integration with the rest of your curriculum. Noteflight offers direct integration with Google Classroom, and LTI-based integration for Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, Moodle and other LMS programs.

7) Hundreds and Thousands of Scores Are Just a Click Away. Along with our Noteflight Learn Content Library which is included in every subscription, we have six additional Content Libraries (Orchestra, Band, Pop, Choral, Piano, and Guitar) that are available for only $3 per user, per year. Use these scores as a base for exercises, assignments, additional practice material, warm-ups, or extracurricular activities.

8) All the Benefits of Noteflight Premium, But Priced for the Classroom. Noteflight Learn users enjoy all the features of Noteflight Premium (a $49 value), plus additional classroom benefits, but for only $69 per year for 10 users, and $2 per year per additional user.