Berklee Songwriting Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Berklee Songwriting Contest! We invited anyone over the age of 13 to submit their best melody, lyrics, and chords. The top 5 finalists all receive an individual lesson with a Berklee faculty member, and our grand prize winner gets free enrollment in any Berklee Online Songwriting Course and their song digitally published by Hal Leonard. Check out the winning scores below!

Grand Prize Winner:

Upon Your Return, by Kian Ravaei

Kian is an aspiring composer living in Los Angeles. His mother forced him to learn music before he could even pronounce “crescendo”, and despite all the years of tears and travail, he is very grateful to her. Kian began writing songs for his high school rock band and went on to cultivate a profound love for the craft of songwriting. Kian will be attending UCLA next fall, where he will study philosophy and pursue a second major in music composition.


Rhythm and Beats, by Lauren Kucera

This Is Your Life, by Patrick Pesek-Herriges

When It Rains, by Nikky Santos

Astronaut, by Juliette Reilly


Thank you to everyone who participated and please keep composing for Noteflight Contests!