Noteflight Learn Tutorials

Welcome to our Noteflight Learn tutorial page! Whether you are setting up your new site or are an existing subscriber, this page provides resources to help you get the most out of Noteflight Learn. Follow the links below for step-by-step instructions on setting up, managing, and using Noteflight Learn.

Site Setup:

Stand Alone Site

Noteflight Learn Site Setup

Managing Site Members

Google Classroom Integration

Integrating Noteflight Learn with Google Classroom

Google Classroom Setup and Assignments

LTI Tool Integration

Integrating Noteflight Learn with LTI

LTI Setup and Assignments

Site Features:

Sharing Scores

Creating and Managing Groups

Activity Templates and Assignments

Live Audio Recording

Creating and Managing Forums

Syncing YouTube and Soundcloud

Recording With YouTube and Soundcloud

Using Content Libraries:

Content Libraries of Published Scores

Creativity and Collaboration

7 Lesson Ideas

Adding and Removing Content Library Users

Training and Support:

Noteflight Learn Webinars

Music Theory Webinar

Professional Development

Noteflight User Guide

Account Management:

Linking Noteflight Accounts

Purchasing or Modifying a Subscription

Purchasing for Someone Else

Switching to Learning Management System Integration

Noteflight Learn COPPA Statement:

Noteflight Learn allows teachers to create their own website ( which serves as a private, walled garden as defined by COPPA. There is no student interaction with The only identifying information collected is on the teacher and the school. All students are assigned unique usernames by the teacher; therefore Noteflight does not collect any personal information on students. Students only have a username and the musical scores they have created. Noteflight will also delete accounts upon written request from a school or district as defined by COPPA.