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Composing For Any Instrument in Noteflight Premium

Customize Any Instrument in Noteflight Premium

While Noteflight Basic provides a robust set of instruments, Noteflight Premium offers even more with a full array of 85+ high-quality instruments. If you still do not have the instrument needed for your composition, you can use an instrument sound to create your own instrument by modifying the name and transposition of one of our […]

Behind the Notation: Instrument Transposition


While using Noteflight, perhaps you have wondered: “why can’t I make the key signature different in my clarinet part?” Or perhaps you clicked “Add Part” or “Change Instrument” in the Staff menu, and you wondered about the popup window that appears, with its three options: Instrument key, Instrument octave, and Score octave. This article explores […]

Playing Techniques and How to Write Them, Part 2: Percussion


The world of percussion is vast and varied: any sound-producing object, hit with any other object, can be called percussion. Percussion lends itself to alternate playing techniques: there are usually several ways to hit a percussion instrument to make it sound good in different ways. We provide some of the most common instruments and their […]

“I want to compose a piece. What should I do?” A Composing Starter Kit


One story we hear from our users goes something like this: “I’ve always wanted to compose, but I just didn’t have the right tools… with Noteflight I can jump right in and start writing music!” We love hearing this, of course, but is it always that simple? Once you know how to enter notes and […]

Behind the Notation: Lyrics


Are you the kind of person who mainly remembers the lyrics of a song, or do you remember the tune more readily? Or both equally? This article will be of special interest to the “lyrics-oriented” among you, but it’s important for anyone writing down music with words, whether it’s bluegrass, opera, choral music, or Indonesian pop. […]

Behind the Notation: Chord Symbols


This Behind the Notation series focuses on a topic close to the hearts of anyone who likes chords (and that’s everyone, right?). Usually placed above the staff or a set of lyrics, chord symbols are an entire musical language unto themselves. Independent from staff notation but also an important extension of it, chord symbols are […]