Noteflight Adds Independent System Breaks for Parts

Noteflight now offers independent system breaks for parts, allowing users to apply part formatting options that are separate from the score. This is great for making all parts look clean and easy-to-read for performers!

How it works:

1. By default, the “use system breaks from score” option in the Score Settings menu for Parts is not checked, meaning Noteflight will automatically format parts based on note size and any manual system formatting updates made to an individual part will be retained to that part. Users may always select this checkbox to force all parts to follow the same system breaks used in the score.

2. Options in the layout palette may be used while viewing each part, and these options are now individually saved. As a tip, it will be helpful to finish your score first, then make all note size and page layout adjustments before applying part formatting.

3. When viewing a selection of parts in a score, the formatting of the top most part will apply to all parts below. Let’s look at an example:

Here is a four-part vocal score with default system breaks:


Here is the soprano part with included system breaks every four bars:


Finally, here is a combination of the soprano and alto part, with the formatting of the
soprano part applying to the alto part below:


This is the first of many planned updates to formatting options in Noteflight, so stay tuned for more!