Take a sneak peek into the future of Noteflight!

The Noteflight team is happy to introduce our newest tool, “Feature Previews,” which will give users a sneak peek into the future of Noteflight and enhance how we intake feedback from the Noteflight community!

So, what exactly are Feature Previews? This function allows customers to test upcoming beta features before fully integrating them into Noteflight. Imagine having the opportunity to explore and experiment with the latest tools and functionalities, giving you a glimpse into the exciting advancements Noteflight has in store! The benefits of Feature Previews extend beyond mere exploration. Noteflight is deeply rooted in its community, and customer feedback is pivotal in shaping our platform’s evolution. With Feature Previews, users can provide valuable feedback on beta features directly within the platform. We value your input and want your thoughts, suggestions, or details of issues you may have found.

To access Feature Previews, click on your profile icon in Noteflight, and you’ll find a dedicated section in the menu. Here, you can read detailed descriptions of each upcoming feature and activate or deactivate them with a single click. To share feedback with the Noteflight team, users will find a “Give Feedback” button within each Feature Preview. By offering early access to beta features and soliciting feedback, Noteflight is looking to continue to foster a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

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