Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop Music Composition Curriculum Integrates Noteflight Learn

Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop (YCIW), a music curriculum platform that allows for every student, regardless of experience, to learn how music works through creating original compositions, now offers a direct integration for Noteflight Learn. This allows a seamless music learning and composition experience though YCIW’s robust learning platform.

YCIW is an online program that can be integrated with traditional classroom pedagogies and utilizes tech tools, composer mentoring, and live performance by professional musicians to create a powerful experience for elementary, middle, and high school students. YCIW’s curriculum integrates many powerful Noteflight features that allow students to explore notation in uniquely progressive ways while providing instant feedback as they work. Pairing Noteflight Learn with YCIW’s suite of music composition courses gives teachers access to a tried-and-true method for bringing music composition to any classroom.

“As the leader in browser-based music notation, Noteflight has given us an unprecedented opportunity to create interactive student experiences with notation. Our Noteflight integration gives students at all levels of experience a way to explore music theory creatively and to produce original works. YCIW allows teachers to turn music composition pedagogy on its head: using the act of creation to reveal the theoretical concept instead of drilling theory in the hopes of sparking creativity.“ -Matt McLean, YCIW Director

“We have seen first-hand how YCIW allows any student to compose and create their own music and we are thrilled to be directly integrated into this curriculum. This is a perfect example of how traditional music education is enhanced through technology and progressive pedagogy.” -John Mlynczak, Managing Director, Noteflight

About YCIW

Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop Inc. is an arts education organization dedicated to the promotion of music composition in school classrooms. Since 2012 YCIW has been used by teachers throughout the United States to help hundreds of middle and high school students compose original works and have them performed by professional ensembles. YCIW’s uniquely progressive curriculum has been developed and refined to utilize new technologies that reach every kind of music learner. YCIW partners with chamber ensembles and orchestras to connect professional musicians with classrooms and provide schools with viable, cost efficient ways for student work to be performed. For more information visit

About Noteflight

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Somerville, MA, Noteflight, LLC is dedicated to reinventing the way people create, share, purchase, and sell written music. Noteflight allows users to edit, display, playback and share music notation in a web browser, on any device. Noteflight has an active online community of over 3,500,000 music enthusiasts. Its website hosts millions of user-created musical scores, both public and private. Noteflight addresses both individual music-makers and music educators at all levels with its family of products, available by online subscription. Noteflight also licenses its technology to industry leaders to manage scalable cloud-based repositories of sheet music that can be delivered to any device. For more information visit