Noteflight Now Supports Chord Diagrams

Noteflight Guitar Chord Diagrams

We are excited to announce that Noteflight now supports both guitar and ukulele chord diagrams, including transpositions and extended chords. Here is how it works:

New Formatting Option

The formatting panel has a new General setting to “Show chord diagrams” that can be selected for the score and individual parts. By default, all new scores created from a template that includes guitar or ukulele will automatically show chord diagrams for each new chord symbol that is added to the score. You can select and deselect this feature at any point from the formatting panel to add or remove the chord diagrams from scores.

Noteflight Chord Diagrams

Once you select “Show chord diagrams” the scores that once looked like this:

Noteflight Guitar Chords

will now look like this:

Noteflight Guitar Chord Diagrams

You can select the diagram and adjust the position with the arrow keys or by dragging with your mouse. 

Guitar Chord Diagrams

Switching From Guitar to Ukulele

The Parts panel has the option on each part to show guitar or ukulele chords. You can also easily switch between the two options:

Guitar and Ukulele Chord Diagrams

Supported Chords

Noteflight supports a wide range of chords in various qualities and extensions. Diagrams will automatically populate for recognized chord names. Start by typing the capital letter of the chord name (A, Ab, G#), then you can add text for various qualities and extensions, such as:

maj, maj7, min, min7

aug, dim, aug7, dim7

7, 6, 4, 9, 2, 5

To see a detailed list of all supported chords, check out these sample chord scores:

Guitar Ukulele
Guitar As Ukulele As
Guitar Bs Ukulele Bs
Guitar Cs Ukulele Cs
Guitar Ds Ukulele Ds
Guitar Es Ukulele Es
Guitar Fs Ukulele Fs
Guitar Gs Ukulele Gs


We hope you enjoy using chord diagrams on all of the amazing music you create and have created. If you have any other questions on how this new feature works, feel free to visit our Help Center, User Guide, or email us at


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