Noteflight Video Lesson Demonstrations

Noteflight Learn Lesson Resources

We are calling on all music educators who teach using Noteflight Learn to help provide video lessons for students. This will assist other teachers unfamiliar with using and teaching with Noteflight Learn to provide engaging and fun lessons for their students. In the event of a school closure or quarantine, we hope to share numerous lesson options that teachers can send students right away and use to build out their online instruction plan. Here is how you can help:

  1. Make a screen share video demonstration of a lesson. This should speak directly to students and be about 3-5 minutes in length. (Make sure your screen is not showing the names or any identifiable information of any of your current students.)
  2. Include a link to a Noteflight Score that can be copied for use by other teachers. This score must be on and not in your Noteflight Learn site. You can export your score and then import into a account. If your demo lesson begins with a blank score or uses a Noteflight Learn Content Library score then you do not need to provide a score link. 
  3. Write a short description of the lesson that gives a basic overview of what the lesson includes and what level it is best suited for.
  4. Provide a title for the lesson that is easy to understand and a description that summarizes the lesson and what it includes.

Please email with “Video Lesson” in the subject and include the following:



Score Link:

Video link or attachment:

We will add all video lesson plans to a free and public YouTube Playlist and distribute them to teachers. Thank you for helping us provide these resources for students and teachers!