Distance Learning Support

In response to the urgent need for distance learning solutions for music students, we are working to support schools and districts by giving free access to our online lesson materials. Please bookmark and share this page as needed. You can contact us directly at info@noteflight.com at any time.

Noteflight Learn Access

We are extending our 60-day Noteflight Learn demos to include all students and access to all of the Noteflight Learn Content Libraries. Noteflight Learn protects student privacy, is COPPA and FERPA compliant, and is suitable to children of all ages. In addition, you may choose to integrate with Google Classroom or any other popular learning management system such as Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.

To sign up for free Noteflight Learn access for the rest of the school year, please complete the Demo Request Form on our website. We will set you up for the total number of users you enter through June 30th. For multiple schools or district implementation, email us at info@noteflight.com and let us know your needs, including: Number of schools, teachers, and students; your familiarity with Noteflight; and if you are interested in integrating with Google Classroom or another learning management system.


Support for Educators

We have many resources for teachers and students and are working to add more every day to assist teachers in online instruction. Click on each heading below to learn more:

Noteflight Learn Overview Webinar
Introduction video on all aspects of using Noteflight Learn.

10 Tips and 50 Lessons To Get Started Right Away
Recent Webinar demonstrating how to start immediately.

Noteflight Learn Support Center 
Full support center with searchable articles on using Noteflight, as well as webinar videos and training.

Free Lesson Plan Database
A growing collection of over 100 lesson plans shared by teachers, including demo assignments that can be copied.

Teacher Tutorial Videos
Video demonstrations for teachers on how to create assignments and use Noteflight Learn with their students.

Student Lesson Videos
Video lesson demonstrations for students that can immediately be used for assignments.

7 Lesson Ideas Using Content Libraries
Lesson ideas with support links using the Noteflight Learn Content Libraries.

Podcast: Teaching Music in an Online World
Timely discussion with information on how to teach music online while focusing on student needs.

Student Tips for Working From Home
Guidance for students on how to be effective academically, socially, and emotionally while working from home.

Utilizing Social Emotional Learning in Composition
Helpful tips for teachers on utilizing SEL in music composition lessons.

Addressing Barriers to Accessibility
Guiding questions and tips for supporting the needs of students with differences and disabilities.


If you have or create any resources that can be used by others, please share your lesson plans and share your videos so we can distribute to other educators! For any questions or additional needs please reach out at info@noteflight.com.