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Noteflight Learn for Every Student (Video)

Noteflight Learn

Hosted Tuesday, May 16th and featuring special guest Roger Emerson, this free webinar demonstrated the benefits of teaching music using Noteflight Learn with all students. Noteflight Learn gives teachers and students abilities to create and share unlimited musical scores and lessons, audio record performances, and access hundreds of included digital scores or purchase subscriptions to […]

Creativity and Collaboration with Noteflight Learn

Today’s tech-savvy students live in a world powered by the internet, social media, and rapid information. This highly-connected world is constantly evolving and the future success of our students depends on their ability to thrive in this creative and collaborative environment. As music educators, it is imperative that we reinforce creativity and collaboration by utilizing […]

Behind the Notation: Lyrics


Are you the kind of person who mainly remembers the lyrics of a song, or do you remember the tune more readily? Or both equally? This article will be of special interest to the “lyrics-oriented” among you, but it’s important for anyone writing down music with words, whether it’s bluegrass, opera, choral music, or Indonesian pop. […]

Noteflight Combines Instrument Sounds, Audio Recording, and Synced Media

Noteflight now combines the included Noteflight instrument sounds with live audio recording and synced media. This allows Noteflight Premium and Noteflight Learn users to enjoy even more functionality in using the audio mixer to customize playback. This feature has many great uses, including: Adding Noteflight instruments to the audio of a YouTube video, hearing recorded tracks playback […]

Behind the Notation: Chord Symbols


This Behind the Notation series focuses on a topic close to the hearts of anyone who likes chords (and that’s everyone, right?). Usually placed above the staff or a set of lyrics, chord symbols are an entire musical language unto themselves. Independent from staff notation but also an important extension of it, chord symbols are […]

Noteflight for Music Theory Webinar

Noteflight for Music Theory! Noteflight Learn is the ideal online music education software for teaching composition and theory as well as for performance assessment and feedback. This live webinar featured Dr. Jena Root and demonstrated new and exciting ways to teach music theory using Noteflight. View Recording:     View Dr. Root’s Demo Scores: The […]

Quoting or Purchasing Noteflight Learn

We provide flexible options for quoting and purchasing Noteflight Learn. You can request a quote for your purchasing department, enter a PO number, pay by credit card, or even make changes to your plan at any point should you need additional users or content libraries. No matter what alterations, purchases, or inquiries you are making, […]

Sharing Scores in Noteflight Learn

To share scores in Noteflight Learn, follow these steps: 1. From your available scores, open the score you wish to share.   2. Open Score Details in the upper right hand corner of the score.   3. The panel that appears on the left side of the screen allows for the various score sharing options […]

Managing Group Forums in Noteflight Learn

To create, manage, and delete group forums, follow these steps: 1. The site administrator can manage or remove Group forums by first selecting the Group, then selecting “Manage Forums” on the left panel.   2. You may create new forums and edit the settings of a forum. To access the settings of a Forum, first […]

Managing Members in Noteflight Learn

To add or remove users, please follow the steps below: 1. To add or remove members, use the Manage Site Icon in the header.   2. Select “Members” on the left column   3. Add students by selecting “Add Students”, or add teachers by selecting the teachers tab then “Add Teachers”.   4. Enter usernames […]