New Features — April 2015

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It’s that time again. Instead of a lot of little things, this month we have a small number of big new features! MIDI Recording / Transcription (experimental beta, Crescendo/HTML5/Chrome only) We’ve been working for some time on our new transcription feature and we’re very excited about it. This feature lets you play a musical performance […]

User Profile: Aaron Ishibashi, our Video Game Music Contest Winner


We asked the winner of our recent Video Game Music composition contest, Aaron Ishibashi, to talk with us about his musical background, inspirations, and how he came to write such a cool piece. Hear his entry, along with the two runners-up, in this edition of Notes. Noteflight Robin: What was your earliest musical memory? Aaron: […]

“I want to compose a piece. What should I do?” A Composing Starter Kit


One story we hear from our users goes something like this: “I’ve always wanted to compose, but I just didn’t have the right tools… with Noteflight I can jump right in and start writing music!” We love hearing this, of course, but is it always that simple? Once you know how to enter notes and […]

Video Game Contest: Final Results!

Video game

Noteflight is proud to announce the grand prize winner of our video game composition contest! Drumroll please.. Aaron Ishibashi (username aishi): After the War Congratulations Aaron!!! We’d also like to highlight the works of our two runners up: Mitchell Ryan (username mitchellekwan): Hero’s Village Soren Nyhus (username snyhus): Bittersweet Victory (Video Game Music Contest 3) […]

New Features – February 2015

APTOPIX Winter Weather

Amid the growing snow piles of February, in the dark midwinter mornings, the Noteflight team trudges into work. But it’s not all grimness and factory life. Our office is actually a cosy, glowing little respite from the weather outside. And what have we been making here recently? Playback of Rit./Accel. and Fermatas The biggest change, […]

Behind the Notation: Lyrics

Painted in Waterlogue

Are you the kind of person who mainly remembers the lyrics of a song, or do you remember the tune more readily? Or both equally? This article will be of special interest to the “lyrics-oriented” among you, but it’s important for anyone writing down music with words, whether it’s bluegrass, opera, choral music, or Indonesian pop. […]

New Features – December 2014


What’s new in Noteflight this month? Oh, let’s just say we’ve been burning the midnight oil… Reverb Effect In the HTML5 version of Noteflight only, Noteflight now applies a reverb effect to make the sounds a little more “live”. This makes the overall mix sound less dry or flat, and adds a spacious sound to […]