Notation Standards Take One Giant Step


Today marks the official birth of the W3C Music Notation Community Group with MakeMusic, Steinberg and Hal Leonard/Noteflight as founding members, to be joined by many others shortly. One never knows what a moment means when it occurs, but this could be a significant point in the history of music representation. In the hope that […]

Big Band Jazz Composition Contest Winners!


Drumroll for our Big Band Jazz Contest Winners…! Our judges have listened carefully to each submission, and they have selected the grand prize winner: Haley Woodrow, and two runners-up: Anthony Branca and Colby Barham. Congratulations to these fine composers, and a big thank you to everyone who participated! As with our Video Game Music contest, […]

Teaching Within A Noteflight Community: One Educator’s View


In this article I’ll explore a Noteflight Classroom site, currently in use at a real school. I think it’s always valuable to share real-world stories of how technology can serve educators and students. Although I’ll be discussing a high school, nearly all of the features are equally useful in college and university settings. For practical […]

Summer Composition Contest: Workout Music!


Our exciting series of composition contests will continue this fall. But instead of leaving you with a bleak, contest-free summer, we decided to offer something light-hearted as a break from our more serious-minded competitions. It’s a little-known fact that every afternoon, we here at Noteflight engage in a healthy ritual known as the “Seven-minute workout.” […]

New Features — April 2015

New features featured image

It’s that time again. Instead of a lot of little things, this month we have a small number of big new features! MIDI Recording / Transcription (experimental beta, Crescendo/HTML5/Chrome only) We’ve been working for some time on our new transcription feature and we’re very excited about it. This feature lets you play a musical performance […]